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Join an online Bootcamp with like-minded high performers in business and sport from around the world to truly learn how to overcome, understand, and unlock the #1 performance obstacle; FEAR.
Gary Caldwell
Player Mentor at Manchester Ciy FC
"So happy that I got in touch with you. Your stuff on social media is always inspiring. The last 8 weeks has been incredible, not only yourself and the learning, but also the support, stories and wisdom from all the other members. I feel privelaged to have been part of this course."
Steve Cooke
Head of Academy at Seattle Sounders
"Just want to say what an amazing 8 weeks. Your leadership, the way you have put the course together has been incredible for all of us. We have all become great friends, sharing experiences and helping each other regarding vulnerability, surrender and getting to know ourselves has been something that will help me professionally and on a personal level."
Bjarki Mar Olafsson
Director of football at Al Arabi
"I came across Drewe's content on social media some months ago. I related to so much of his content, especially the problems we are currently facing in football. I was struggling. The past 8 weeks in the high performace bootcamp I have been able to change my approach. It is not about proving yourself to others, but it is about understanding yourself to be able to understand others. I have increased awareness and empathy now. It has affected me positively more than I had ever hoped for."

Aidy Boothroyd
Former England U21 Manager
"This course came at a critical time for me after over 20 years as a coach. Drewe really is tackling the most vital area in coach education. I can't recommend this course and the community of coaches highly enough."
Roger Arnott
Coaching Director · Hearts FC
"Drewe impacted the Academy coaches and senior management team at Hearts more than any other element of our Coach Development Program in recent years. It was an honour to be able to learn from Drewe’s emotional journey in football and from his personal journey through life, providing the coaches with a real insight into ‘the person’ behind the player. And I think that is the key…… too often in youth development, we are consumed by the process of motivating and developing ‘the player’, enhancing ‘the performance’ with all the resources around Academy football"

I'm on a mission to Enlighten leaders on the unspoken truth of high performance; harnessing fear.

As a former professional footballer, I was tipped for the top. However, my career was dogged and undermined by soul searching and fear. After 600 professional games, It culminated in me going into rehab for addictions and an emotional breakdown in 2011.
I'm on a mission to enlighten and educate high performance in business and sport on the ongoing issues concerning inconsistent performance, loss of form, and the fallout from the loss of identity and fear.
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This game is so simple when you are 10 years of age. Every year, every game it gets harder. More comparison, more competition, more noise, more fear. Tune in and rediscover the 10 year old you who played with freedom, creativity and no fear.
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