are you haunted by the fear of never 'getting there'?

Do you fear not achieving your potential? being humiliated? Not generating enough revenue? losing your job? Your place in the team? These are the common fears of the business high performers and the international athletes I work with everyday.
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I've worked in the most competitive industry for 25+ years

From my 25+ years of professional football experience, as a player, coach, and mentor, I believe the majority of players are performing below 50% of their potential.

Since 2015, coaching high performers in the business world has revealed the same performance statistic for employees and founders.
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Having played over 500+ EFL Professional football matches over a 17 year playing career, I've found my calling, by taking everything I experienced in the worlds most competitive industry to helping others overcome the #1 performance blocker; fear.


From 2016 I was engaged by business owners to help them grow in understanding and effectiveness of the #1 performance blocker in their company; fear. Enabling them to start achieving the kind of results they always envisaged.


From training grounds to stadiums, driving ranges to PGA tours, city offices to late night phone calls, honest face-times to zoom sessions. I have experienced every scenario, emotion, and feeling that all founders, footballers, coaches, and athletes will experience on their journey.

i work with high performers who see through buzzwords

High performance for me is not a buzzword. It's not for the faint hearted, it's a brutally honest inventory of identifying your own obstacles, which in my experience is an accumulations of fears.
Professional Footballers
Football Managers & Coaches
PGA Tour Golfers
CEO's & Business Owners
Senior Management teams
Hal Robson-Kanu
West Bromwich Albion & Wales Striker
"I've worked with Drewe for nearly a decade. I've always looked to be the very best I can. I've met many coaches during my career, but Drewe has a real gift and level of expertise in the area of high performance and what it takes emotionally and physically to to be at your best. I am proud to call him a friend."
Ash Knight
Founder · Ashley James Group
"We started working with Drewe in 2017 and it’s no coincidence that our team have gone on to set new records. I’ve learned so much about great leadership, who am I? Who are my team? How are they feeling? What does this mean to us? All questions we now have answers to. I’d now count Drewe as a friend, a mentor, an accountability buddy and the best (zero BS) coach I’ve met and ironically he’s never done our job. But if you’re looking for results then I’d 100% recommend him."
Ulrike Eder
Chief Operating Officer
"Drewe breaks down personal barriers in minutes and is highly effective at working at a very emotive level, helping individuals and team to trust, communicate and lead. He ticks all the boxes you'd expect from an experienced coach, will really pushyou and is highly personable. Couldn't recommend"
Matt Wallace
PGA Tour Golfer · #50
"I was introduced to Drewe Back in 2012. I used to struggle performing to my full potential in tournaments. Drewe not only helped me believe in myself but he reminded me why I took up the game of golf. He made me own my competitive personality and will to win. Thank you Drewe."
Jessica Walden
Head of Engagement
"Drewe has been a huge asset to me and my team by enabling us to tackle challenges through open and honest communication. I would highly recommend Drewe and his ability to break down barriers around fear to support personal development, growth andcollaboration."
David Henderson
Technology, Digital & Product in MediaIndustry; CTO at Global
"I Thoroughly recommend Drewe and his ability to relate his experiences to any team going through change, stress and big challenges. His refreshing honesty and interesting anecdotes stand him apart from some of the other coaches in this area."
John Birtwhistle
Associate director
"We started working with Drewe in the autumn of2018 and it quickly became apparent that his approach to coaching was very different to anything i have previously encountered. Holding the mirror up, challenging your thought process, beliefs and sense of belonging was tough but the subsequent results speak for themselves.Fear underpins every facet of our lives bothprofessionally and personally. Drewe will show you how to face fear, embrace it and tackle it head on. It is refreshing to encounter someone who stays true to themselves at all times and constantly lives it.I could not recommend Drewe enough but be ready to look into your soul you might discoversomething you did not realise was there."

I'm on a mission to Enlighten leaders on the unspoken truth of high performance; harnessing fear.

As a former professional footballer, I was tipped for the top. However, my career was dogged and undermined by soul searching and fear. After 600 professional games, It culminated in me going into rehab for addictions and an emotional breakdown in 2011.
I'm on a mission to enlighten and educate high performance in business and sport on the ongoing issues concerning inconsistent performance, loss of form, and the fallout from the loss of identity and fear.
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