Letting Go. #MasterYourInnerGame

I have been in elite sport for 30 years of my life. Where every day you must strive.

Pulled by – your souls vision and knowledge of your capabilities

Driven by – your competitiveness to fulfill who you are

Pushed by – the fear of failing to fulfill who you are.

There is no more brutal a career than professional sport.

1- you are in love .

2- your performance is scrutinised publicly

3- if you aren’t fully accountable you will face an inner pain so so great only the strongest of escapisms will eliviate the pain and only temporarily.

Justin Rose is a man with a profound journey.

Aged 18, (20 years ago) , Justin Rose as an amateur burst onto the scene at the open

He turned professional immediately after and then for 18 months failed and failed in a huge way. He missed cut after cut ( half way point in a tournament where you are discarded if not in top half of scores)

Something like 20 times in a row.

He searched and searched for the lost him.

And where did he look???

The same place I did for years but was too late when pain dragged me to the truth. The body and soul were broken.

The same place all the businesses I see look.

The same place all these academies look.

The same place all these young star athletes look.

Most Tragically of all .. the same place many coaches and leaders look…




Really it’s over control driven by fear.

What Justin Rose found through the road less travelled , pain and self searching was that it WAS ALL THERE ALREADY.

How can it leave?

If at 14,15,16,17, 18 you can do it why can’t you continue?


The voice says “ shit, you’re there now you must kick on, you must do more to stay here and kick on”


You just do no more.

Merely continue to stay aligned with your soul.


Don’t do more through fear Do less with trust.

I spoke with a client yesterday. A top going footballer on the cusp of really stardom.

Boy is her finally ready. For 3 years we have had to keep holding a mirror, dragging him back to no excuses, getting him to look at the truth.

He said to me “ I have never felt this. This , this… free? This sharp , this … good? It’s easy. Ok destroying people. You know what’s mad. Before games now I don’t go to the activation room, I don’t stretch , I don’t twitch if my protein shake isn’t consumed at the exact minute I’m told it should be by the scientists.

I just sit, have a laugh and when we are told we are going out to warm up I put my boots on and go out. All the years I was so so so professional and dedicated… for what ? I was rubbish. Now I just trust there’s nothing I can’t do. I don’t need to find it in a gym, in perfectionism.. it’s me”

I smiled … “my friend, it’s the ultimate. My best days were when I found this. I stumbled over it , Through desperation usually and within 90 short minutes people

were blown away. Saying I could be whatever I wanted to be. Tragically it was gone. Like an elusive butterfly it would fly away. I would spend months searching for that butterfly..”

It’s impossible in one short blog to explain HOW you get there but this is the thing I will be showing at the workshops I will be running in the autumn.

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