Manage Your Drive. #MasterYourInnerGame

For so much of my life all I craved was to fit in. To be normal. To just think like others.

So just what is the gift that brings with it such a burden?

Well here’s an example of my feelings for years and the ones of so many others that I’ve come across.

Why did it hurt me so much? – Why was I so hard on myself? – Why did I pick up on every vibe and emotion when I walked into a room? – Why was nothing ever enough? – Why was there this incredibly powerful sense of what was morally right and wrong? – Why when I cheated in anything did it torture me? – Why were my standards so so high in all areas of my life? Why would I have to push the boundaries in everything? – Why was there a sense of loneliness that plagued me? – Was this deep knowing of where I was destined to be My head lying to me? Was it an illness? – Why on one hand was I so, so sensitive with a huge moral compass,yet the other there was this bloodthirsty desire and enjoyment of pain,this natural leadership to put myself out there?

For 33 years of my life I felt inflicted with this this curse, yet, on the days I performed with all I was, with freedom, I never had a feeling of serenity as powerful. I felt like I had an awesome gift.However, the majority of my life was spent searching for this feeling of peace

Many of you who have followed my content for a period of time now, will be aware of my journey, my messages. As a coach I have been blessed to work with, and for, some amazing people. From world class Golfers and footballers to visionaries and leaders in the business world.

It became apparent that the reason I was coaching these people, the reason our paths had crossed, is that we shared some common characteristics. An almost psychopathic desire to win.A pain so deep.A sensitivity and emotional depth that would pick up on every vibe. A huge moral compass and empathetic view on the world. Ridiculously high standards.

So after another powerful and brutally honest conversation one day, I turned to my client / friend and said “can you imagine if we were mic’d up and recorded this” I just felt that”

the levels of vulnerability and honesty would really inspire and offer identification to so many. So ‘ The Gift Is The Curse’ was born. The aim? To give real hope to others. To make people realise it’s ok to be this way. How to manage this relentless drive to fulfil what feels like a pre programmed purpose. You can follow my podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud at ‘ The gift Is The Curse’ The full 1 hour videos are @drewe broughton on you tube CLICK ON THE TAB ABOVE TO MY PODCAST PAGE